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Fashion Remix Spotlight: JeezeJulia

Etsy’s Fashion: Remix team needs to start spreading the remix love more often, which is why I want to start featuring our team members! The first team member we want you to get to know better is JeezeJulia. She has an adorably whimsical store full or up-cycled/recycled goodies!


Were you born and raised, and where do you live now?
  I was born and grew up in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire — a gorgeous little corner of the world where one can see and feel all of the beauty and power of the Earth. I spent a lot of my free time climbing trees, swimming, and making forts in the woods. My home is my primary inspiration to make everything I do Earth friendly for the rest of my life. I would be devastated if my children didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy the green trees and the blue skies that so impacted my vision of the world.
Now I live in Portland, Maine. It’s a progressive little cobblestone city full of youth and art. I love it here because I feel like anything is possible. The local economy is thriving due to the average Portland resident’s understanding of the importance of fine craft as opposed to big box bargain hunting. The lovely seascapes really don’t hurt things, either!

What’s a day in your life like?
My typical day is thus: I rise in the morning usually around 8 o’clock. My time days are split half and half between my day job where I work part time with adults with developmental disabilities and Etsy. At work, I help my clients accomplish daily tasks like paying bills, cooking, and things of that sort. Some days I drive them places, some days I organize fun events — it’s really different every day according to the residents’ schedules, and that’s why I like it. But what I love even more than my day job, are the days when I get to stay home and work on my Etsy shop! It’s such a dream and I find myself constantly looking forward to the next “day off” where I get a nice cup of coffee, shower, find something fun to wear, and get to work on my crafts after picking up my work space/bedroom a little. I love that I can be my own boss and take things at my own pace. After working lots (and feeling great!), I entertain my cats, clean up a bit more, update my blog ( ) and settle in to watch girly TV shows on DVD (Gilmore Girls and the Mary Tyler Moore Show are two favs), or read until my guy comes home. At that point we usually rent movies to watch, make dinner, and go to bed at a decent hour — we’re boring!


What do you love most about having an Etsy store?
Having an Etsy store is amazing for so many reasons. I’ve always had this need to create, like one does to eat, sleep, and breathe. Over the years I’ve tried just about every medium, from painting, pottery, and drawing all the way to writing, sewing, and knitting. I’m currently enjoying the challenge of combining my love of sewing and fashion with my desire to reduce the amount of waste in the world — these two things, fashion and environmental/social consciousness, have somehow become polar opposites in our society. My Etsy shop allows me to have a place to sell all the stuff I make so it doesn’t clog up my tiny little living space! I also love curating my shop like one would a museum. It’s so fun to try to set the tone and atmosphere by staging the backgrounds of my photos, the avatar and banner (which is currently being redone), and collecting great little vintage pieces, as well as finding fun bonuses to offer my customers! And the community of the website is brilliant, too. Everyone that I’ve come in contact with is kind and honest, and I love how it offers the potential of a relationship between the buyer and seller once again. Chain stores did away with that and I miss it!

What inspires your clothing line?
I’m inspired by fashion through the decades. A lot of the movies that I rent are classics and oldies from silent films of the ’20s all the way up through the Golden Age of entertainment. Bringing those styles back is a big interest of mine. I’m also incredibly inspired by thrift stores. Even the crappy ones are great because you really never know what you’re going to stumble upon! I love to find a piece that is so close to being cute, like an over-sized floral romper from the ’90s, and bring it up to date by shortening the inseam, scalloping the hems, and throwing a belt around it! Integrating fashion from different eras using second hand materials is a challenge that stimulates my creativity and inspires me!


What goals do you have in store for the future of your business?
My (very) long term goal is to open my own storefront. I envision a lovely little shop complete with vintage finds like tube radios, treadle sewing machines, and old windows and shutters all pulled together with handmade decor and clothing. It’s complete in my head (and exciting to imagine), but before that can happen I plan on getting down every little detail and gaining a bit of an audience via my Etsy shop. The storefront may be as far down the road as 10 years and in about 5 I hope to be able to quit my day job. The process is slow, but that’s how I like it. Life isn’t about stress or worry, so I’m going to take my time and make sure that each step is well prepared and planned for before I take the leap.

Any fun facts you’d like to share?
One fun little tidbit about my shop is the blog that accompanies it. I show my blog readers a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff including my goals, techniques, and extra bonuses. I also cover non-Etsy issues like being a locavore and my personal fashion adventures. I have a great time keeping it up and would love if you made a visit! Feel free to introduce yourself, new readers :)

What Items (Etsy or otherwise) are on your wishlist?
Oh my goodness, I have such a long wishlist, so I’ll only share a couple of pieces:
- First of all, I’d love a little more space! Not a whole house, but at least a cottage where I could have my own studio to do my work! I currently live in a tiny apartment (without any doors other than the front door — achh!) and my bedroom and office are one in the same. It’s super hard to be productive when cats are vying for attention or if my bedroom is messy.

- An Eames chair would be wonderful! The aesthetic is super neat. I’d really love my whole home to be decorated with mid-century design!

- This is my ideal bag -

- I’d love a little train case to carry around my sewing or knitting projects. That way it will all be organized and tidy when I take it to work or to a class!

Thanks JeezeJulia! It was awesome getting to know you a little more! If you want to more about this awesome lady, follow her blog, and heart her Etsy Store!